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Research Training

One of ICHAIR's key objectives is to provide a strong research base for training the next generation of research scientists - post-doctoral scientists, clinical scholars and post-graduate students, in the field of influenza virus research, developing research expertise applicable to a broad range of biological and medical science.

ICHAIR provides a rich and varied intellectual environment for training new post-doctoral scientists/clinicians and post-graduate students. The multidisciplinary character of the Centre exposes researchers to a diverse range of new technologies and methodologies in addressing key issues in the pathogenesis and control of viral diseases.

Initially this training is focusing on post-doctoral scientists and PhD studentships, located in each of the ICHAIR institutions - the Universities of Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow.

ICHAIR post-graduate students receive support and training at the local institute at which they are primarily located. This training includes courses to develop transferrable skills, courses in general safety, along with more specific training in techniques and research skills essential to undertake their projects.

Having well-honed presentation skills are essential to a successful research career. ICHAIR students are asked to present their projects at the ICHAIR Annual Workshop, both by brief presentations and posters. They also meet at the annual graduate student and postdoc retreat. The retreat gives each participant a chance to update the group on their project's progress, problems encountered during the year, and successes. The intention is that the ICHAIR community will draw ideas from within the Centre, formulating novel, multidisciplinary approaches to influenza virus research questions.

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