ICHAIR Director Prof Tony Nash
ICHAIR Deputy Director Prof Andrew Leigh Brown


The Executive Committee, which has representation from each of the participating institutions, assists the Director with the management and scientific direction of the Centre.

The Scientific Advisory Board provides the Executive Committee with advice on the scientific direction of the Centre, and comprises leading research scientists working on Influenza virus, as well as policy makers, representatives from government and industry.

Executive Committee

This group meets bi-monthly.

Membership from 1 September 2007

  • Professor Tony Nash (Director, ICHAIR) – Chair

  • Professor Andrew Leigh Brown (Deputy Director, ICHAIR)

  • Professor Juergen Haas

  • Professor Garry Taylor

  • Professor Richard Elliott

  • Professor Stuart Reid (Deputy: Dr Louise Matthews)


This Committee has overall responsibility for the scientific and financial development of the Centre, along with its resourcing. It reviews opportunities and risks, assesses progress against set milestones and objectives, plans future activity and long term sustainability of the Centre. The Committee also is responsible for the Centre’s Knowledge Transfer, including communication within the Centre and external to the Centre.

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Scientific Advisory Board

This group meets once a year.


  • Professor Dorothy Crawford, University of Edinburgh – Chair

  • Professor Jeff Almond, Sanofi-Aventis, France

  • Professor Wendy Barclay, Imperial College London

  • Dr Ian Brown, VLA

  • Professor John Edmunds, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

  • Ms Sandhya Kapitan, Scottish Funding Council

  • Professor Jonathan Lamb, Imperial College London

  • Dr Malcolm McWhirter, Department of Health, Scottish Government

  • Professor Tony Nash (Director, ICHAIR)

  • Professor Colin Robertson, Strathclyde University, Glasgow & Health Protection Scotland

  • Dr Nick Ambrose, RERAD representative, Scottish Government

  • Dr William Stanley, Veterinary Health Director, Aviagen, Newbridge

Purpose of Scientific Advisory Board

  • To provide expert advice to the Executive Board in order to enable the Centre to successfully meet its goals and objectives and to keep the Centre at the forefront of research in this field internationally.

  • To assist in achieving sustainability of the Centre beyond the initial 4 year funding period.

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