ICHAIR publications

Theme One

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Pre-ICHAIR publications on influenza virus

Savill NJ, St Rose SG, Keeling MJ, Woolhouse ME. Silent spread of H5N1 in vaccinated poultry. Nature. 2006 Aug 17;442(7104):757.

Theme Two

S Franz, MA Hoeve, S Wickert, C Janko, I Dransfield. Clearance of apoptotic neutrophils induces an immunosuppressive response in pro-inflammatory type-1 and anti-inflammatory type-2 macrophages. Autoimmunity 2009;4:275-277.

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Pre-ICHAIR publications on influenza virus

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Theme Three

Collins PJ, Haire LF, Lin YP, Liu J, Russell RJ, Walker PA, Skehel JJ, Martin SR, Hay AJ, Gamblin SJ. Crystal structures of oseltamivir-resistant influenza virus neuraminidase mutants. Nature. 2008 Jun 26;453(7199):1258-61.

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Pre-ICHAIR publications on influenza virus

Yamada S, Suzuki Y, Suzuki T, Le MQ, Nidom CA, Sakai-Tagawa Y, Muramoto Y, Ito M, Kiso M, Horimoto T, Shinya K, Sawada T, Kiso M, Usui T, Murata T, Lin Y, Hay A, Haire LF, Stevens DJ, Russell RJ, Gamblin SJ, Skehel JJ, Kawaoka Y. Haemagglutinin mutations responsible for the binding of H5N1 influenza A viruses to human-type receptors. Nature. 2006 Nov 16;444(7117):378-82.