ICHAIR - grants awarded to ICHAIR PIs & associates

Andrew Leigh Brown, BBSRC project grant "Analysis of virulence determinants in full length H5N1 influenza genomes using computational modelling".

Rick Randall, MRC project grant "Studies on the interaction of influenza virus NS1 protein with cellular P13-kinase".

Donald J. Davidson & Peter Barlow, Norman Salvesen Emphysema Research Trust. “The cationic host defence peptide LL-37 as a potential anti-viral agent in influenza infection”

We are currently investigating the role of cationic host defence peptides (CHDP) in models of influenza A infection.  We are particularly interested in the anti-viral, anti-infective and immunomodulatory potential of the human cathelicidin, LL-37, and its role as a potential component of the innate host defence against influenza.

Rupert Russell, MRC New Investigator Award "Identification of novel inhibitory compounds of the surface glycoproteins of Influenza viruses using fragment."

Garry Taylor, BBSRC follow-on fund. "Receptor-binding molecules as potential therapeutics against respiratory viruses."